Elisabeth Del Toro

What's New?

Lately, I've been focused on writing my dissertation for an MSc degree in Digital Society and Social Change through the University of Glasgow, (did you watch the play yet? link here!) but up next I'm planning the big move back to Chicago. I'm done with Europe! Time to get back to the city of dreams, where you can watch 3 plays in one day and eat the world's biggest donut!

I land in donut-land in mid-August (seriously the UK doesn't do donuts it is astonishing). If you have any projects you think I might be a good fit for, please get in touch! I can't wait to hit the ground running.

About Me

Hi there! I'm Elisabeth, and this is what I look like on a good day in flattering lighting! I'm getting new headshots soon, but here is a current hair selfie to hold you over ;)

"Wow, she could be cast as anything," you might be thinking. A terminally ill young mom who still has a zest for life, a smooth talkin' all-business detective, a date for any of your season regulars who need a date when you run out of other plot to do...

In terms of intros, I'm a Cuban-American artist, represented by Grossman and Jack Talent, who loves generating and performing new work! I am especially passionate about character driven pieces, contemporary themes, mixed media exploration, and projects with as much music as possible. Also, I luv 2 laugh! Basically, if your project is cool or exciting, I'm interested. But also, if your project is profoundly boring and you have a really high budget for actors... I'm also interested 😏

Sufficiently charmed? Scroll on for more info! You get it, this website works like a lot of other websites work.

Are you looking me up to hire me for a non-acting job? I just became the most interesting resume on your pile! Here's a link to my github.


Here's my reel!

Here's my voiceover reel!


Here are all the places you can check out my headshot and resume:


Contact the very nice folks at Grossman & Jack Talent at (312) 587-1155, or send me an email below. And hey, thanks!