Look Out Voiceover World- I'm on Source Connect!

Finally, I did what few are brave enough to do- I navigated the truly heinous installation/licensing process for SourceConnect/iLOK. Lesser actors would announce this cheerfully, because we are supposed to love being available for work and be endlessly positive about the system that chews us up and spits us out. I am not like other actors. I will say publicly, on my personal website that no one looks at, hidden under a read more card on a blog post no one will click on ... the system sucks and I'm mad that there is a $75 RECURRING installation fee to keep me from cancelling my subscription when I'm not getting paid!!!

Anyway, I promise I would **never** critique capitalist exploitation from **your** company if you paid me to be your floating voice for a commercial :) Cast me pls :)  My username is elisabethdeltoro, but just in case you cannot find it, here is a button to find it.