I recorded some more voiceover commercials!

Heading says it all, am I right ladies? I'm not sure how to use this feature on my website, because I don't think blogging is the most dignified thing for my actor website to be highlighting. But also I love a good blog! Why am I trashing blogs?? It's just that creating a Cohesive Brand For Me As A Person feels absolutely un-tethered from our current reality of waiting to see if the country collapses. Anyway!! I did a Target commercial for back to school that is long off Spotify and Pandora now, but there's a sample in my new voiceover reel. I also did a SAG-AFTRA VO for another project that isn't released yet, but I'll share it when it is. I just think it's funny how this huge company is not springing for union contracts but the unnamed (much smaller) company is. And by funny I mean I hate it here. 

THE LESS IMPORTANT THING is I picked up my little video camera and recorded a little video blog like it's 2013 and I'm cutting edge lolol. A more honest return to my childhood impulse to vlog would be to learn how to make tiktoks but I won't :) I tried a few and I got the hang of it but I felt too inhibited by the baggage of the platform :) I am very old and I feel it in my bones :) Here's the video: