MSc in Scotland!

I've moved to Scotland to pursue an MSc in Digital Society and Social Change at the University of Glasgow. It's a sociology program(me) (lol) with a focus on digital data and its impacts offline- remind anyone of a certain undergraduate musical thesis? I'm really excited to pursue this line of academic inquiry further, and also claim the mantel of Woman In STEM, something I never ever thought I could even ironically say about myself. 

While I'm here on student visa, I can work locally up to 20 hours each week, so if you know of any short term projects in the UK needing an actor with an American accent, please send them my way! In the meantime, I'll content myself with doing my homework...

I remember being stunned when I found out UChicago's buildings were fake-old and made to imitate European universities. Now here I am... Actually walking around among the real old buildings.... The biggest difference I have noticed is they have very old radiators.