About Me

Hi there! I'm Elisabeth, and this is what I look like on a good day in flattering lighting!

"Wow, she could be cast as anything," you might be thinking. A terminally ill young mom who still has a zest for life, a smooth talkin' all-business detective, a date for any of your season regulars who need a date when you run out of other plot to do... 


Here's my quirky headshot (one eye more open than the other by accident).

I'm a Cuban-American artist, represented by Grossman and Jack Talent, who loves generating and performing new work! I am especially passionate about character driven pieces, contemporary themes, mixed media exploration, and projects with as much music as possible. Also, I luv 2 laugh! Basically, if your project is cool or exciting, I'm interested. But also, if your project is profoundly boring and you have a really high budget for actors... I'm also interested 😏 
Sufficiently charmed? Talking about money is charming, right? Click around for more info/to see what I'm currently working on! You get it, this website works like a lot of other websites work.